The school is located off Plantation Drive/ Dunes Road on the Arizona side of the Fort Mojave Indian Reservation, across the parking lot from the Fort Mojave Wellness Center.

  • Tribal Culture Enrichment

  • Academic Enrichment

  • Language Enrichment



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To assure the future of Pipa Aha Macav by developing the skills, Mojave values and attitudes of our youth to the highest degree possible in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) and communication, guided by the Mojave Language and Culture.

As the sun rises, bringing in a new day, we will develop the strength and knowledge of our Mojave youth to carry on our Mojave culture toward a bright future.

Anya itpak Elementary is a tribally owned and operated Pre-K through 6th grade school opened in August 2019. The Anya itpak Elementary School’s curriculum covers the Arizona State Standards in a way that takes advantage of our unique place in the world. We emphasize studies related to our environment and local issues. We integrate Mojave language and traditional knowledge in academic content areas such as writing and science. Our students go beyond the classroom to learn about the land, plants, animals and people in our community.

Enrolled Fort Mojave Tribal members and First Descendant children of enrolled Fort Mojave Tribal members grades Pre-K through 6th grade will be eligible to enroll. Registration packets can be picked up at the front office at Anya itpak Elementary School 1665 Roosevelt Road, Mohave Valley, AZ 86440

  • The school will serve Pre-K and Kindergarten children in a Montessori-based program.
  • A new tribal owned and operated Pre-K – 6th grade school, not a charter school.
  • High quality state certified teachers who are kind and caring, with high expectation for our children.
  • A friendly, creative atmosphere where every person is respected.
  • Tribal heritage and language is celebrated and enhance the values that sustain us a people.
  • School curriculum will follow the Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform, with a student assessment diagnostic system aligned with Arizona State Standards (reading, language arts, and math). Individual student diagnostic assessments will guide teacher instruction and be shared with parents.
  • Teaching methods will be based on the educational needs of each child, including individualized study plans, cooperative learning groups, hands-on projects, and science programs that utilize Makerspace (robotics and technology). Each child will utilize their own Chromebook and iPad computer.
  • Special education services will address individual differences and needs of our students.
  • The School will be accredited through AdvanEd, to ensure that it will conduct exceptional instruction.
  • A partnership with parents with community events at the school.
  • Students will have regular physical education classes at the new Wellness Center next door.
  • Bus service will be provided to all students.
  • Nutritious breakfast and lunches will be provided to all students at no cost to families.
  • All students (3rd through 6th grade) will be encouraged to participate in organized, league sports like volleyball, basketball, softball, baseball, and soccer.

You are welcome to drop by any time to visit with Eric Moore, Principal of Anya itpak Elementary School or call at 928-346-2300 Monday through Friday 7:30 am-3:30 pm

Please call the Fort Mojave Human Resource office at 760-629-6147 or stop by 500 Merriman Ave. Needles, CA 92363 at the Fort Mojave Administration office to apply.





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